Veteran’s Day

Hello all,

Instead of the usual meeting on Tuesday, we’ll be honoring our veterans today by hosting a special event. The guest speaker will be an Iraq war veteran and professor. Check out the events tab for more details.

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Election Day!

Hello all,

It’s E-Day! Get out there and vote!

Here are some helpful resources:

Polls are open from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm!

*You can only vote from these locations if you submitted an address change form 14 days before the election. Alternatively, you could vote by mail-in ballot or find a ride home so you can perform your civic duty!

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The Jackass October Issue

This month’s issue of The Jackass is quite a whopper! There’s a lot of content including a detailed interview with Bonnie Watson Coleman. Make sure you check it out!

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Week of October 19th Update

Hello Rutgers Democrats,

This Tuesday, October 21th at 9:30 pm we will be having our weekly meeting. It will be in Hardenbergh Hall Room A4. We will be having a discussion led by our political director, Dani.

On October 28th at 9 pm, we are co-sponsoring an event with the Rutgers University Women’s Political Caucus. RUWPC will be hosting a screening of the documentary,“Women, Power, Politics” with the Douglass Residential College Human Rights House Peer Academic Leader in the Jameson C Basement. The documentary was created by PBS, and is an hour in length. In the documentary, several women leaders around the world and here in the United States are interviewed. The documentary explores what it means to be a woman leader.

We are working with various campaigns over the next few weeks. We are looking for volunteers to help out with us for the following dates: (Transportation will be provided if needed)

October 25th

Phone bank with the Bonnie Watson Coleman campaign in North Brunswick.

Nov 1st

Canvassing in New Brunswick, Highland Park, and Piscataway for Frank Pallone and Cory Booker from 12-5 pm

Nov 2nd 

Phone bank with Janice Kovach in Somerset from 2-6 pm

November 4th

Paid canvassing with East Brunswick Democratic Committee from 12-5 pm

Check out our events tab for information or to sign up!

Our club publication, The Jackass, is looking to recruit staff writers and to establish an executive board. If you are interested in writing or becoming a member of the executive board stop by our meeting.

We hope to see you there!


Ian Curry

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Week 3, Fall 2014

This Tuesday, September 16 at 9:30 pm we will be having our second meeting of the year. It will be in Hardenburgh Room A4 (NOT room A3 as it says on the brochures). We will be having our first discussion of the year led by our political director, Dani.

We will be participating in a Mini Golf and BBQ event (Facebook event) with the Middlesex County Democratic Organization on Sunday, September 21 from 2-5 pm. It will take place at Skyline Mini Golf in Woodbridge, NJ. It is $25 for individuals and $40 for couples. Any members that would like to attend this event are welcome to do so. If you do wish to attend, please bring the $25 to the meeting so we can secure your ticket to the event.

Our club publication, The Jackass, is looking to recruit staff writers and to establish an executive board. If you are interested in writing or becoming a member of the executive board stop by our meeting. We meet Wednesdays at 9:30 in Hardenburgh Hall room A2. All are welcome!

We hope to see you there!


Ian Curry

Secretary – Rutgers University Democrats

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We Want You!

Join The Jackass!

Jackass Logo extracted

Staff Writers Wanted!
Executive Board Positions Available!

The monthly magazine of the Rutgers University Democrats, The Jackass, is seeking to add members this upcoming fall.

Primarily, we are seeking to add staff writers, in charge each month of writing articles and contributing content to the magazine.

We are also seeking to establish an executive board, which will oversee management of the magazine each week. There are many positions available, and this is a great opportunity to add experience to any résumé! Below is a full list of currently open executive board positions and their requirements:

  1. Managing Editor—The managing editor will work directly with the Editor-in-Chief, providing advice on editing, content, design & layout, and vision of the magazine. The managing editor will also assume leadership if the Editor-in-Chief is unavaible at a certain time. The managing editor will also work with the treasurer to plan a club budget.
  2. Secretary—The secretary will maintain an organized membership list and manage the email account and all advertising initiatives for the club. The secretary shall keep track of necessary paperwork and information, and take minutes at each meeting every week.
  3. Print Manager—The print manager will find and maintain contact with a publishing company that will produce copies of the magazine. The print manager will also be in charge of receiving copies of the magazine and ensuring all debts and charges are paid.
  4. Freshman Representative—The freshman representative will serve as the liason for interaction and incorporation among first-year students and organizations. The freshman representative will also work directly with the editor-in-chief on written and creative content.

*No experience is necessary, though it is always a plus. We’d also prefer some experience using any of the following publishing platforms Microsoft Office, Adobe InDesign, PagePlus, NitroPro, QuarkXPress, or Adobe Photoshop.

Contact us at or to apply and join!


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Looking for Writers!

the jackass ad

This week we will be visited by the Mayor of Woodbridge, John McCormac. Woodbridge is New Jersey’s 6th most populous city with just under 100,000 citizens. McCormac had served as chief financial officer and business administrator of Woodbridge Township, during James McGreevey’s tenure as Mayor of the Township. When McGreevey became governor in 2002, he named McCormac treasurer of New Jersey. When Richard Codey succeeded McGreevey in November 2004, he retained McCormac in the post of State Treasurer. John McCormac has been Woodbridge Township’s Mayor since November of 2006.

This week’s meeting will take place in room A3 of Hardenberg Hall on George Street on the College Avenue Campus at 9:30pm. Free pizza will be served.

In other news, we will continue to gather signatures for Cory Booker’s petition (for entry onto the ballot). Those who have completed their first book of signatures should bring them to the meeting this week.

Also, the Jackass, our monthly magazine, now in its second semester of publication is looking for new editors. While we already have a decent editorial staff, we are always growing and are eager to recruit new writers. If you would be interested in contributing to the Jackass, as a writer or a cartoonist, please email or attend one of our meetings at 4:45pm on Friday afternoons in the Scarlet Latte.

We are a Democratic Party Magazine but writers of all political persuasions are welcome. If you are interested in contributing but do not want to commit to write every month, no problem. Random submissions are more than welcome. Write an article (or a proposal if you don’t want to invest in a full article before you know if it will be printed) and email it us or bring it to one of our weekly meetings.

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Meet Cory Booker!


This week’s meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 18, at 8:30pm in dining room A/B of the Brower Commons on College Avenue where we will be joined by United States Senator Cory Booker (D) of New Jersey. All members and friends of members are welcome. No RSVP is necessary. walk-ins are welcome.

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Start of Spring 2014

Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed your break.  A lot has happened this January.  As a former member of the Buono for Governor Campaign, I can’t stop thinking, “I told you so.”

This week’s meeting will take place on Tuesday, January 28 at 9:30pm in room A3 of Hardenberg Hall on George Street on the College Avenue Campus. We will be visited by New Jersey State Assemblyman Upendra J. Chivukula.  Chivukula lives in Franklin and has represented the 17th legislative district (borders College Avenue Campus) since 2002.  Free pizza will be served.


Edward G. Romano III

Secretary Rutgers University Democrats

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Run with Cory! And Get Out the Vote!

run with cory

On Tuesday we had a run on College Avenue with Cory Booker. Also, Election Day is this coming Tuesday, so try to participate in a GOTV program, several of which are listed on our Facebook:

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